the following containerized burners. (Kitchen area and lodging and grey water and black water plant eliminating waste) we need burner is each function different are done in one burner we need notified. Plant we installing for our holiday accommodation barge made use of in an offshore marine building and construction project. 200 Individuals would certainly be fit onboard.

china medical incinerator Capability
? Blaze minimal 80kg/hr X 12 humans resources per day
? Disposal of both non-hazardous and contaminated materials streams (per waste inventory).
? Mobile System (Skid installed preference with lifting factors).
? Incinerators must have an additional combustion chamber with a minimum temperature variety of 900c.
? Fluid waste streams shall be incinerated by a proper fluid injection system.
? The burners will certainly be mounted with visual alarms to signal procedures of low temperature in the secondary chamber.
Running Environment and also Ambient Problems

The Incinerators plan shall be developed to operate under the following conditions:.
? Ordinary Daily Max/Min June Temperature Level, 21-39 ° C.? Ordinary Daily Max/Min January Temperature Level, 2-12 ° C.
Medical waste burner,.
approx. 0.4 cubic metres,.
gasoline/ keys power operated,.
thermostatic temperature level control,.
programmable cycle