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How much cost 30kgs to 50kgs per hour capacity medical waste incinerator, average 200 beded hospital? small […]
1. For clinic,lab, small hospital with low waste output capacity, no condition with other medical waste treatment(Underdeveloped […]
you have to do custom clearance your side. and shipping document with bill of lading, invoice, packing […]
50 bed hospital proposal model TS5 or TS10 incinerator 200 bed hospital proposal model TS50 incinerator we […]
Incinerator for Medium type Hospital 100 -200 Kg per day incineration at south of switzerland fabrication incinerateur […]
Heavy duty firebrick for incinerator chamber 55% of Al203 65% of Al203 75% of Al203 Tel:  +86-25-8461 0201    Mobile: […]