secondary chamber 1000 degree   chimney standard   shredder separately   Autoclave or microwaves separately   temperature […]
Lately among customers informed us their goal to procure 1 system Gas Incinerator.medical waste burner to shed […]
Waste Incinerator Capacity The waste incinerator units shall be designed to burn medical waste load of capacity […]
use in the health center for melting contaminated materials as well as chimicals, marginal Capacity 300 per […]
Waste Burner Mounted in ISO 20′ ′ ′ ′ or 40 ′ Container before leave Factory. Normal […]
medical waste incinerator: medical waste and general waste Capacity to burn waste: 400 — 500 kg/hr Fuel: […]
Incinerator System Solutions for Medical Waste Environmental, consisting of Waste Incineration, Smoke Discharge Treatment, High-temperature Sterilization, Waste […]
Composition of the refractory lining: * Insulation: – Operating temperature:                1000 ° C max – Nature:                                   […]
Polaris Power saving Information: With the considerable usage the health care market and also the development of […]
More smoke along with various other pollutants are introduced right into the air throughout the ‘‘ start-up’ […]